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El Museo Francisco Oller Y Diego Rivera is dedicated to the exhibition of the contemporary visual art of artists of color since 1981.


Curatorial Statement: Since 1981 El Museo serves the Greater Buffalo Region by providing professionally directed solo and group visual arts exhibitions for emerging, mid-career, and established artists of color.  Since 1990, El Museo has expanded its mission to include not only Latino artists but also African American, African, Asian, Native American, and Caribbean artists. Since 2000, El Museo has also expanded its curatorial outreach to the region’s increasing immigrant populations primarily from developing countries around the world. In addition, El Museo sponsors humanities exhibitions whose content is related to our constituents. The curatorial staff of El Museo recognizes that the themes by artists of color are often ones which differ from current trends in general arts and culture venues, and therefore require a dedicated venue to explore their voices. Works selected for exhibitions at El Museo is done on the basis of their unique contribution to the field through mastery of their medium and theoretical explorations. Our goal is to create a community for artistic dialogue and exploration as well as providing a voice for artists of color.


El Museo presents 6 to 8 exhibitions per year; each exhibition runs approximately 6 weeks. We are especially sensitive to emerging artists and their need for exhibition opportunities as well as experience in portfolio development.





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