DIY sessions: “Self Care”

“Resistance is a marathon”

In our current political climate, it is important for us to remember to take care of ourselves and support one another. We cannot do this alone; we must remember that knowledge is power and it is best when shared.

Inspired by the actions taken by artists in other cities during the first 100 days of the new presidential administration, El Museo and Tina Dillman present a monthly series of artist-centered workshops from February through April. These workshops are free and open to the public.

For the first workshop, “Self Care,” Cassandra Elahrag and Rich Coppede will share their knowledge on yoga, mediation, and strength training through a series of activities. Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably and be open to new methods of conditioning. Each participant will learn techniques for managing stress, as well as stretches and exercises that one can do at home.

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About the instructors

Cassandra Elahrag is a Buffalo-based yoga teacher, psychic medium, and guided meditation instructor with a background in Theater and Public Relations. Cassandra is a strong believer in yoga for the masses, holistic health, and connecting to the spiritual side of life. She hopes to be a mentor to others who sometimes feel they don’t fit in, and to help anyone who needs helping.

After deciding to take a chance on a career change, Rich Coppede became a certified trainer through the International Sports Science Association. A strength sport enthusiast, he is the owner of Next Level Training, and has worked with a diverse clientele with a proven track record. He focuses primarily on educating clients on mental health, the therapeutic benefits of strength training, and integrating routine fitness into everyday life. More information at

Tina Dillman is an independent curator, artist, and educator who is currently the artist/curator-in-residence at 500 Seneca. She has a deep interest in strengthening the resources of her local community, by actively contributing to the arts and cultural scene. For more information about her practice, visit

Upcoming DIY sessions:

March 18: “Propaganda”—Learn how to silkscreen posters and T-shirts
April 8: “Emergency Preparedness”—Skills and things you need to know