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Phyllis Thompson: Memories of Making Special

Using print processes and collage materials including patterned fabric, textured papers, and photographs, along with pencil and crayon drawing, Phyllis Thompson creates mixed-media monotypes exploring memories of family, relationships, and ancestors.


Rock: Millie Chen, Warren Quigley

Rock is cosmic, ancient and perpetual. Rock is hard. Rock endures through human pain and suffering. Rock is matter-of-fact, down-to-Earth, irrefutable.


Up Down All Around: A side-by-side exhibition

Continuing our yearly tradition, works by Buffalo Public School art teachers are installed side-by-side with those of their students and children in this special exhibition.


Screen Shot: Patrick Foran, Javier Sanchez

We can’t seem to stop staring at our screens, but maybe it’s that the screens won’t stop staring back, lovingly, menacingly, endlessly bleeding their sick messages all over the place.


The end of …

We can agree to disagree on whether or not it was the “Worst Year Ever.”


Stacey Robinson: Branding the Afrofuture

Through an amalgam of recent work, including posters, branding, comics, and other graphic matter created while in Buffalo, Stacey Robinson asks, “What is Black? What is the future of Black people? What does that future with Black people in it look like?” The answers seem to lie just out of reach.

Stacey Robinson, Afrotopia 1

Altars 21: A celebration of el Día de los Muertos

Community members and artists are invited to create ofrendas, altars commemorating the dead, deceased, or dearly departed, to occupy our gallery as part of a group exhibition.


Realizing Beauty: Photographs by Nick Butler

Emerging photographer Nick Butler intends to “encourage everyone to love themselves no matter their gender, size, shape or color” and hopes that his photographs “challenge the current cultural views of what constitutes a beautiful body.”