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Ruby Orcutt: Soul Praxis

Ruby Orcutt’s paintings of “inner landscapes” invite viewers to contemplate ideas of well-being in “times of disbelief and pessimism,” and perhaps inspire subjective transformation.

Members’ Exhibition: Take Two

Our 2nd annual Members’ Exhibition features over 50 works by 29 artists, in media ranging from painting to drawing to photography to sculpture.

Phyllis Thompson: Memories of Making Special

Using print processes and collage materials including patterned fabric, textured papers, and photographs, along with pencil and crayon drawing, Phyllis Thompson creates mixed-media monotypes exploring memories of family, relationships, and ancestors.

Rock: Millie Chen, Warren Quigley

Rock is cosmic, ancient and perpetual. Rock is hard. Rock endures through human pain and suffering. Rock is matter-of-fact, down-to-Earth, irrefutable.

Up Down All Around: A side-by-side exhibition

Continuing our yearly tradition, works by Buffalo Public School art teachers are installed side-by-side with those of their students and children in this special exhibition.

Screen Shot: Patrick Foran, Javier Sanchez

We can’t seem to stop staring at our screens, but maybe it’s that the screens won’t stop staring back, lovingly, menacingly, endlessly bleeding their sick messages all over the place.