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com•mun•ion – Curated by Desiree Kee

In honor of the novel by bell hooks, this exhibition explores the depths of sisterhood and community thought the many different lenses of local women/femme artists. com•mun•ion is on view through September 16.

Flamingotastic – Curated by Ari Moore

Flamingotastic is an exhibition of queer artists, queer as design subject, and images of queer people. Curator Ari Moore says: “They teach us to paint and create, but they don’t teach us the business of art. Keep creating whatever you love. Don’t compare yourself to others. Keep learning from others you admire, and finally, pass […]

Members’ Exhibition 7 – UP

Our Annual Members’ Exhibition is coming right up, if you become a member or renew your membership this month, you will be able to display your artwork in the upcoming members exhibit. This year we will be giving out five awards. Four will be selected and awarded at the opening reception on December 2, 6–8pm. […]

Antithesis – Paintings by Shanel Kerekes

Within my mind, there is a constant search for the reason why societal standards exist, and how they are implemented by the masses. Especially when they pertain to one’s gender. I find myself striving to build an answer of my own by analyzing my own experiences and surroundings. My work is largely an attempt to question common norms and bring attention to how they affect individuals based on their unique characteristics.