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Members’ Exhibition #3: BIG TIME

This year’s exhibition features over 60 works, from miniature pottery to wall-spanning drawings, by 40 artists.

What We Desire

Portraits of queer desire, tender, sensuous, bold, drawn from multiple perspectives; an exhibition of works by Bria Green, Ari Moore, and Joey Pietromicca.

Sepideh Pourhang: Repose

Repose features mixed-media works influenced by Persian Miniature patterns and the complex and paradoxical experience of life as a woman.

Gabrielle Heard: Cacophony

Cacophony explores marginalization and representation through video and audio installations.

Andie Jairam: Kweku Anansi Fables

In Kweku Anansi Fables, relief prints, costumes, and sculptural pieces create a story where Anansi the Spider’s ancestors live in a futuristic world.