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Felipe Shibuya: Invisibilia

Invisibilia brings together artworks that use the world of bacteria to make visible the world of color.

Julio Flores: Belonging

An installation of a collection of collections: of embellished tree branches, old balls, figurines of the Virgin Mary, Café Bustelo cans, corkboards, curio mirrors, produce stickers….

Alma Peguero: Flaming Spirits Redux

Alma Peguero’s large, gestural works on paper possess a materiality and presence that eludes digital capture and reproduction.

Rian Ciela Hammond: Molecular Female

Molecular Female is a virtual exhibition that explores the history of the search for plants used in the development and production of synthetic hormones.

Alma Peguero: Flaming Spirits

In this online exhibition, we take a look at new drawings by Alma Peguero, along with a conversation with Bryan Lee.

20/20: A side-by-side exhibition

Our annual side-by-side exhibition features works by Buffalo Public Schools art teachers and their students and children.

Mizin Shin: How Things Are Consumed

Printmaker Mizin Shin’s new installation takes one of the most loved uses of the humble potato—the French fry—as its subject.