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Antithesis – Paintings by Shanel Kerekes

Within my mind, there is a constant search for the reason why societal standards exist, and how they are implemented by the masses. Especially when they pertain to one’s gender. I find myself striving to build an answer of my own by analyzing my own experiences and surroundings. My work is largely an attempt to question common norms and bring attention to how they affect individuals based on their unique characteristics.

Gay Liberation NOW!

A poster exhibition that tells the story of the Mattachine Society of the Niagara Frontier (MSNF), Buffalo’s first gay rights organization.

Felipe Shibuya: Invisibilia

Invisibilia brings together artworks that use the world of bacteria to make visible the world of color.

Julio Flores: Belonging

An installation of a collection of collections: of embellished tree branches, old balls, figurines of the Virgin Mary, Café Bustelo cans, corkboards, curio mirrors, produce stickers….