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Alma Peguero: Flaming Spirits

In this online exhibition, we take a look at new drawings by Alma Peguero, along with a conversation with Bryan Lee.

20/20: A side-by-side exhibition

Our annual side-by-side exhibition features works by Buffalo Public Schools art teachers and their students and children.

Mizin Shin: How Things Are Consumed

Printmaker Mizin Shin’s new installation takes one of the most loved uses of the humble potato—the French fry—as its subject.


New work by Frani Evedon, Hope Mora, and Joshua Nickerson; Resolutions offers a small collection of scales and modes of seeing, as a new decade peers around the corner.

Shoreline: Remembering a Waterfront Vision

An exhibition about the Shoreline Apartments, tracing the erosion of an architectural, urban, and social vision for Buffalo’s waterfront.

Los Artistas del Barrio: Velada 100×35

“Come and witness as the hidden is revealed. Enter a space and time of unexpected transformations. An island meant only for you.”