Frani Evedon, Spinal Bouquet, 2019, gum bichromate print.

Hope Mora, RedZone, Odessa Texas, 2019, inkjet prints.

Joshua Nickerson, Hymns for dead starlight, 2019, ink on paper.

Resolutions is an exhibition of new work by Frani Evedon, Hope Mora, and Joshua Nickerson.

Frani Evedon’s recent works take as a starting point her and her husband’s MRIs and X-rays, which are manipulated, augmented, and then translated into gum bichromate and transparency prints. The resulting images are layered, compound photographs, morphing the source images into psychological landscapes that process questions of physical impermanence and consciousness. For Evedon, the act of looking through the body becomes a way to see beyond it.

In her photographs and installations, Hope Mora lingers on intimate moments—couples dancing in night clubs, teen Latinas riding horses. The images, made in her hometown of Pecos in West Texas, are part of her current research on labor and resilience in communities of color. In this work, she uses the aesthetics of documentary and portraiture to examine issues of representation, and stretches them to reveal the gaps between us and what we see.

Joshua Nickerson’s works on paper draw inspiration from everyday varieties of light: light pinholing through trees, scattering down sides of buildings, passing across water. Though they are strictly paintings or drawings, the smoothly rendered surfaces of his abstract compositions belie their construction. They function as visual puzzles that toy with the eye and the mind, while the forms recall structures, networks, and systems.

Loosely and at an unknowable pace, these artists image and reimagine their world and ours. Resolutions offers a small collection of scales and modes of seeing, as a new decade peers around the corner.

About the artists

Frani Evedon is a photographer and maker of images. Originally from Long Island, she earned a degree in sculpture and metalsmithing from Hofstra University, before moving to Buffalo and working in photography. Later, she earned her MS in Art Education from Buffalo State College, and taught at Orchard Park High School for 27 years, where she served as the department chair. As a practicing artist throughout, she has exhibited extensively in Western New York and beyond. She lives and works in Colden, NY.

Hope Mora is a visual artist from West Texas, currently teaching and completing her MFA at the University at Buffalo. She holds a BFA from Texas State University in San Marcos. She has exhibited in Central Texas and Western New York, including at the Mexic-Arte Museum, Public Art San Antonio, Anna Kaplan Contemporary, and the Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art.

Joshua Nickerson is a visual artist. Initially a painter, he has since moved to drawing as the main focus of his studio practice. He has been exhibiting since 2010, and his work has been shown at Sugar City, Carnegie Art Center, and Blue Plate Studio. He lives with his partner Leslie and their daughter Zoe in North Buffalo.