Members’ Exhibition 5: How’s It Going

How’s It Going is the title of El Museo’s fifth annual members’ exhibition.

One piece per member. Make it count!

Artwork dropoff:
Wed Jul 29
Thu Jul 30
Fri Jul 31
Sat Aug 1
Tue Aug 4
Wed Aug 5

(We’ll let you know if anything changes.)

⚠️ You must wear a mask or face covering when inside the gallery.
⚠️ One member at a time: if there is someone else dropping off work ahead of you, please wait to enter until after they leave.
⚠️ Hand sanitizer will be provided.

How’s It Going is also the title of a members’ zine we will print and mail to you.

One page per member. (The printable area is roughly 5×8 inches.)

Send us: an image of your artwork, a photo, a poster, a poem, a comic, a meme…

You can send more than one image, up to five, but keep in mind that they will all have to fit on one page.

Deadline: August 6.

Don’t forget: memberships are pay-what-you-can this July.

Questions? Please email Bryan Lee at