Untethered: A side-by-side exhibition

Our annual side-by-side exhibition features works by Buffalo Public Schools art teachers alongside those of their students and children.

Special prizes will be presented to artists in three categories: Youth (ages 4–12), Teens (13–20), and Adults (21+). The awards ceremony is Friday, March 11, 2022 at 6pm.

This exhibition is organized in collaboration with Michele Agosto, Director of Arts at Buffalo Public Schools.

Prizes in 2022:

1st prize
Teacher: Morgan Meheran (BPS #89 Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence and #59A Dr. Charles R. Drew Annex)
Teen: Drea Favorito (Jan Dylewski, #195 City Honors School)
Child: Kaleb Boyd (Morgan Meheran, BPS #89 Lydia T. Wright School of Excellence)

2nd prize
Teacher: Tanya Chutko (Frederick Law Olmsted #156)
Teen: Bethanthony Barnes (Tanya Chutko, Frederick Law Olmsted #156)
Child: Sher Dah Ku (Lila Mandyzk, Community School #53)

3rd Prize
Teacher: Angela M Guest (Emerson School of Hospitality)
Teen: Kiera Jackson (Angela M Guest, Emerson School of Hospitality)
Child: Violet Thiemecke (Laura Minor, Charlotte Ave Elementary)

Honorable Mention
Teacher: Laura Minor (North Park Community School)
Teen: Anthony Michael Agosto Benedetto (Michelle Agosto, Kenmore East Senior High School)
Child: Yetziel Onil-Mendez-Bonilla (Laura Minor, North Park Community School)

Artwork pictured: “Love in All Colors” by Rumi Begum, Junior, East Pathways, Elizabeth Termini-Smith, Art Teacher