Andie Jairam: Kweku Anansi Fables

From the artist:

In Kweku Anansi Fables, my relief prints, costumes, and sculptural pieces create a story where Anansi the Spider’s ancestors live in a futuristic world. This parallel dimension begins with West Africa’s own indigenous African superhero Kweku Anansi. His secret alter ego is Amir Kweku, a brilliant geneticist living in the village of Akuu in the year 2035, who has developed a technique of infusing spiders’ genetic code with nanotechnology to create cybernetic spiders. Amir is accidentally bitten by the cybernetic spiders, causing him to gain superpowers. It is up to this new superhero to go out into his village and defeat the great evil spirit Osa. He must prevent Osa from stealing stories from the history books before they cease to exist.

Andie Jairam is an emerging artist from Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently completing an MFA at the University at Buffalo.