Contempo: An Orchestra of Emotions Sustained In Color

This collective exhibit will extend through the JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition, June 4 – 7, 2014. As the Official artist, I provide the artistic spark for this world class event. It remains a highlight of my artistic career that has flourished since 2008 and represents the affinity between music and art.

About Hugo

My objective is to capture the essence of human emotion through color in rhythm. Intangible complexities create the richness of my work. The architectural format of the guitar serves as a multidimensional element that denotes rhythm, holds history and carries joy. It also reflects the organic relationship between humans and Nature to become in tune with the Universe within us. A myriad of expressions explode on a wide variety of media, scales and surfaces. These vibrant emotions are sustained in time and space creating poetry in color.

The form and function of the classical guitar awaken an undeniable artistic passion that had to be addressed in a complementary visual format. What started out as a sketch in 1995 gradually turned into the fusion of rhythm in color. In an 18-year span, the work continues to evolve with motions in color.

An orchestra of emotions sustained in color

Since 2001, I have expanded my work to tell stories and work that captures historical events. Some newer works adhere to a mother-and-child theme. These heartwarming scenes depict the unconditional love that this special relationship embodies. A matrix of newspaper headlines interact with the work at hand. These headlines rivet the viewer’s attention and describe a full spectrum of events that represent the dramatic time and place in which the artwork was created.

One of the highlights of my artistic career was receiving a grant from of the Professional Development for Arts Educators of Buffalo. The objective was to bring living artist into public schools to demonstrate the importance of art in our school system. We encouraged young students to voice their expressions through art. This become a very valuable and rewarding experience to work with so many children of many different backgrounds.

I am fortunate to have become the official artist of the JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition. Since 2008, I have been providing the artistic spark for this prestigious international event sponsored by WNED Public Television of Buffalo, New York and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. My painting, La Gytara Gytana, has received worldwide recognition and has become the official face of the competition. In June of 2012, I was responsible for the stage design of the Falletta Competition which was televised by WNED Public Television. Today, our relationship has flourised and represents the affinity between music and art.

In February of 2012, my work was published as featured talent on Everything is Art magazine, Issue U. Currently, some of my work is represented by Everyrthing is Art Gallery which is based from New Jersey. Another great opportunity developed as I established a great relationship with GZGuitars creating fine art guitars. From all different shapes and sizes I have hand painted many fine art electric guitars which include famous brands like Fender and Gibson.

I embrace my moments as an artist, but my passion for life goes well beyond the canvas. I enjoy involvement in public-service events as a way to give back to community at large. I cherish the experience of seeing people from all walks of life coming together to become “one” with creativity. Summer of 2013, I was so excited to donate my time teaching art to the Diakonos Orphanage in Haiti for an event known as Art Day Celebration.