Fragmentations: Excerpts from Book Five

Colombian artist Ruby Orcutt uses canvas and paint as a visual diary that explores her self and her environment taking the viewer deep into a personal universe.

Artist’s Statement

What started in my teens as a naive expression of drama and rebellion evolved to a soul-making daily exercise, prayer-like practice that postulates a deliberate method of contemplation-exploration-reflection and expression. This process consists in working on the problem of resolving my own being as a whole by revisiting my internal world where the function of the line is to sweat the energy and the function of the color as a text is to feed my self-indulgency. The act of painting is compelling, I have a surface and I use it. I solve the problem. In the process I live the fantasy as a postulate of my existence. My painting process operates in different levels: Mentally, I set the scenography to let things happen. Physically, the creative process is compelling and becomes in an entire body gesture and, spiritually, paintings are the expression of my soul.

The atmosphere is subjective and the dynamics taking place in the format are organic. The landscapes of my work are internal and they evolve at the same time I mature. My personal prayer is a bridge to the external world where I belong, and by revealing my inner universe, the dialogue with the observer takes place. Parts of my being already resolved as a whole, break in fragments that are appropriated by those who go through the esthetic experience. Then, the soul-making process starts again.