Incivility: A Visual Response

Frani Evedon, Day Care, 1995, silver gelatin print on wood, 48″x36″.

Is it possible to have a civil conversation through the shared experience of encountering art that challenges?

Incivility: A Visual Response will explore the pervasiveness of incivility in today’s climate. Each day seems to bring a new affront or outrage, a stubborn refusal to try compassion or comprehension. Conversation too often deteriorates into insults and slurs. We turn away from each other instead, no longer civil, content to stay in our bubbles, protected by like-minded people.

Incivility: A Visual Response is a themed, non-juried exhibition open to all members of the Buffalo Society of Artists, posing a challenge to visually react to the current local and/or national climate encompassing a variety of issues.

This exhibition is co-presented by Buffalo Society of Artists and El Museo. A portion of the BSA entry fee will be donated to the International Institute of Buffalo, and there will be a suggested donation of $5 at the door during the exhibition and related events.

About BSA

The Buffalo Society of Artists is one of the oldest continually operating arts organizations in the country. Building on a legacy since 1891, we embrace visual exploration as critical to the voice of our time.