Los Artistas del Barrio: Velada 100×35

Formed in 2016, Los Artistas del Barrio is a multi-arts collaborative that highlights Latinx/Hispanic artists in Buffalo and WNY.

Bringing together painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, and performance, Velada 100×35 invites viewers and spectators into an exploration of geography and ambience.

“Come and witness as the hidden is revealed. Enter a space and time of unexpected transformations. An island meant only for you.”

LAdB members

  • Michele Agosto
  • Aileen Gonzalez Marti
  • William Rodriguez
  • Vinny Alejandro
  • Vicente Rondon
  • Matthew Bosque
  • Wilbert Ramos
  • Arayoan Tylec
  • Alexsandra López
  • Melinda Capeles
  • Manny Perez
  • Nicolas Gomez
  • Luis Guillermo García