Members’ Exhibition #3: BIG TIME

Our annual members’ exhibition is back for the third time! This summer, bring us your large, jumbo, oversized artworks!

All are welcome—join online or in person when you drop off your work. Plus, become a member or renew your membership by June 30 and get 20% off!

Drop off dates and artwork specifications

  • Wednesday (6/27) 1–7pm
  • Thursday (6/28) 1–7pm
  • Friday (6/29) 1–7pm
  • Saturday (6/30) 1–5pm

in any media


Q: I’m an artist/not an artist/sort of an artist. Can I participate?
A: Yes/yes/yes!

Q: What else do I get for becoming a member?
A: Lots of cool benefits!

Q: How large is large?
A: 36″ and over/the bigger the better/as long as it fits through our door.

Q: How small is small?
A: 12″ and under/whatever small means to you.

Q: Can work be for sale? Is there a commission?
A: Yes. The commission is 15%.

Q: I still have questions….
A: Email or call 716.464.4692.