The end of …


As we begin the year, join us for a brief detour from our usual exhibition schedule. The end of … is a set of happenings throughout the month of January that offers a collective creative catharsis, and also aims to bring together disparate voices reaffirming our commonly held values of diversity, inclusion, equality, and solidarity, despite a chorus of others proclaiming their end. We can agree to disagree on whether or not it was the “Worst Year Ever.” But if 2016 represented the end of the world as we knew it, let’s make 2017 the beginning of a better one.


Town Wall

A display of “wall posts”—collected personal responses to 2016. The prompt: “Take a moment to reflect, respond, review, react, rant, rave, rage. How was your year? Post it on our wall and leave it behind. Literally.”

Comments Section

An interactive mural by Kenny León Andino and Joseph Giardina, featuring “a hyperviolent cartoonish overview of 2016” with dangerously open word bubbles waiting to be filled.