Extra Credit: “Breaking News”

Patrick Foran, Wilson Not Indicted, 2017, watercolor on paper.

In conjunction with the closing of Screen Shot, please join us for a presentation and conversation with Patrick Foran, taking a critical look at media and politics in our current moment.

Instead of obsessing over “alternative facts” and did-you-hear-what-he-said-today?-s, we might consider how a culture of endless “breaking news” and calculated misdirection contributes to an atmosphere of confusion and a “state of exception,” a concept developed by Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben that describes how governments and authorities use supposed times of crisis to consolidate and expand power.

Extra Credit is an ongoing event series where exhibiting artists can interact with their audiences in a more intimate setting, and explore topics or themes related to their work. It is open to the public ($5 suggested donation) and free for El Museo members.

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