Shoreline: The Book

In Fall 2019, we presented the exhibition Shoreline: Remembering a Waterfront Vision and symposium Remembering Shoreline, as part of a project on the history and legacy of Buffalo’s Shoreline Apartments.

As of mid-2020, almost all of Shoreline complex has been lost to the bulldozer. While we cannot bring back the buildings, it is important that we remember this history in a tangible way. El Museo’s Bryan Lee and co-curator Barbara Campagna are currently working on collecting the materials and ideas from our exhibition and symposium into a book, to be published in Spring 2021.

In order to do so, we need your help!

El Museo is publishing this book independently, and we are raising funds to cover the printing costs. Find out more at our Kickstarter page below, and don’t forget to support the project by December 31!

Shoreline: Remembering a Waterfront Vision on Kickstarter →

Update 1/1/2021:

Thanks to 69 generous backers, we reached the goal of $5,000 for our book project!